TheMadOrange: December 2013

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

O' Here it is MERRY CHRISTMAS #blogmasday25

Well that's it, I've completed blogmas, I know some posts have been late or not extremely interesting but I managed it and I now have 25 posts that I completed within December! YEY! :D As it's Christmas day I thought I would share with you guys what I got this year as I'm very grateful and very lucky! As a disclaimer I'm not showing off what I got I'm just writing a post because I know that I'm one of those people who is interested in what others got for Christmas and therefore some people might be interested in what I got :) !

A few of the main items I recieved;
- Hunter Wellies + Socks
- Despicable Me 1+2 DVD
- 3 Cuddly Minions + Agnus & fluffy Unicorn
- COD Ghosts Xbox
- 2 novelty t-shirts
- Curl Secret from Babyliss 
- Socks
- Nandos gift card
- Debenhams Voucher
- Mac 4-pallette + 1 eye shadow
- Mac Lipstick
- Hand warmer
- Donal Skekan's Cookbook (+ he retweeted me <3)
- Lush bath products
- Clothes (jeans, blouse, cardigan, scarves)
- Smellies & a Camera lens travel mug!

I have seriously been spoilt this year and I'm grateful for all the gifts that I got I also got a lot of nail polish & chocolates from Alex's Grandparents/parents but I ate most of it before I took this picture! I hope everybody had a brilliant christmas/holiday and will also bring in the new year in style! 

Here is what I wore:

Looking super cool xD 

Keep smiling! 

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Glossybox #blogmasday24

Hey guys so I finally received my Christmas Glossybox and I'm glad that it was a themed box as I was very excited and I'm even more excited to use the stuff I received! 

Keep Smiling!
(I will upload the rest of the photos at some point when they've stopped being corrupt!)

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Number One! #day23

Hey guys, today has just been a bore, travelling to mine and making sure that we have anything as we are here for the next month! Yesterday we spent our day opening presents with Alex's parents in our first take at Christmas as he is staying with us this year. 

We were both definitely spoilt and are grateful for everything we got! I'll do a proper blog post later on but here are some photos of the day :).

Little Grayson is a bit bigger now! 

Homemade Decorations!

The table laid out in the colour scheme!


William with his Meerkat from Me! :D

Amanda & Ian

Ian with his present from Alex

Ian with his present from me.

Amanda opening my present

Alex & Amanda after she opened his present

OOTD - Primark Tights (Super Cosy £3), Dress Primark (£10)


Alex weirdly looking like the grinch

Couple selfie! 

Alex & I 
William with his Christmas Ale

Alex & William pretending to be a posh family!

Alex opening a present

My Tesor Paris bracelet from Amanda & Ian! (I have matching earrings as well)

Our yummy Pheasant and roast veg!

Amanda with one of the doggies (Grayson) 

Had such a good day! Now looking forward to Christmas take 2! 
Keep Smiling!

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas outings #blogmasday22

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

pre-christmas haul! #blogmasday21

pre-christmas haul! #blogmasday21

Topshop matte nail polish, $9.82

So today Alex & I went to meet Camilla (adventures of camilla) for coffee and a little bit of shopping in Portsmouth. I wanted to get a Matte nail polish for christmas so I found this gorgeous red which will be perfect for the big day! I also got a Matte topcoat from Primark as i've been meaning to get one of those as well. I got another pair of Super Cosy Primark tights as i've been wearing mine as much as possible since I got my last pair... Lastly we got a snow fairy massage bar to share :) Alex brought a lovely new Tweed Jacket from Primark, a duvet and some snug red christmas socks :).

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Friday, 20 December 2013

My Facebook life so far... in pictures #blogmasday20

Hey guys, 
 I know that this isn't a very festive post but at the moment I'm staying at Alex's parents and they are in the process of moving house so everything is a bit hectic and not very festive currently. There will definitely be festive posts from Sunday but please bare with me in the meantime! 

I love looking through pictures of me from years ago and thinking how quickly it's gone even though I remember the memories like they were yesterday... This especially happens when looking through Facebook pictures so I thought I would share with you guys my little trip down memory lane...

So many memories with some of the best people! Couldn't imagine my life without half of these! 

Keep smiling! 

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Throwback Thursday #blogmasday19

Hey guys so I thought I would give you a little snippet of me around this time of year from when I was younger. I have a lot of fond memories of this time of year, leaving milk and cookies for santa, decorating the tree, watching christmas movies, opening presents in pj's... it's weird now being all grown up and even though i'm still really looking forward to christmas, the meaning of it has changed... It's gone from being about what I got and whether it's what I wanted to wanting to spend time with my family and hoping that they enjoy their presents. Life was a lot easier as a kid so I'm glad I have a lot of happy memories... I remember once my dad told me to enjoy my childhood because before I know it it'll be over, I didn't believe that was true at the time but sitting here now I realise how true it is. 

Daddy & I looking through a Walking with Dinosaurs book that I got for christmas!

A younger me getting all wrapped up ready for the cold days/nights! 

Keep Smiling!

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Early christmas present from the Saccone-Jolys! #blogmasday18

Hey guys, 
So something awesome happened today! My t-shirt from the Saccone-Joly's came in the post and I just had to put it on straight away! If you don't know who the Saccone-Joly's are then you really need to get over to YouTube and watch their videos! I've been following them for about a year and a half now and they are the only channel other than CTFxC that I watch everyday without fail! They have made me cry, laugh and feel emotions that only can be shown by someone's everyday life! They have been their to cheer me up after a long day and to help procrastinate from my university work :P! When I heard they were releasing t-shirts I knew I had to get one and I'm so glad I did. I love the design and it just looks great! 

Watching Emilia grow up has probably been one of the best things for me, I can't wait to start my own family one day and I miss my friends daughter a lot when I'm at university, shes basically like my little sister and I can't wait to see her on Monday! When my mum sends me boxes of things she will slip little notes and drawings in for me. Watching Emilia is like watching Ella grow up again, they are very similar in character and if Emilia grows up to be as smart and as stubborn as Ella is then Anna and Joffe are going to have a lot of work on their hands! Thank you for producing every day videos for us to see! I appreciate it everyday! 

Keep Smiling! 

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Going home for Christmas #blogmasday17

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Gift Guide for kids! #blogmasday16

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

A budget student christmas dinner! #blogmasday15

Hey guys!
As a student I know once you get nearer to Christmas time you realise that most of your loan has disappeared and that you are left with limited money especially if there are bills due! Yet everybody wants to have a Christmas meal with their housemates to celebrate before heading off your separate ways for a month! Well although my housemates didn't do this this year I've worked out a way for a house of 5 to get everything (+all the trimmings) for under £5 each! (This includes a cheeky bucks fizz).

So here is my shopping list I have used Tesco to do this because this is just where I always shop!

1. TURKEYYYY (The most important factor) £5

I just chose the "Tesco Butter Basted Turkey Joint (640g)" now I know this says feeds 4-6 but if you wanted to splurged an extra pound each you could get a lot of turkey as these are 2 for £10 at the moment! This is also very handy and I used these last year you literally heat the oven stick it in and take if out when it says too, everything is done for you!

2. Bacon £2.55

Okay so I love the crispy bacon that is always put over the turkey at christmas so I added to my cart "Smoked Thick Cut Back Bacon (300g)" this also keeps all the moisture in to make the turkey just that little bit more tasty!

3. Yorkshire Puddings 49p

I just got "Everyday Value 15 Yorkshire Puddings (230g)" being a student but they are still edible, obviously you could make your own like I normally do but I find when you are cooking for a lot of people it is just easier to buy them already made. 

4. Cocktail Sausages £1

Can't go without some little cocktail sausages! I just added "Tesco Frozen 26 Pork cocktail sausages (390g)" but you can get the pre cooked/ready made ones so you don't have to cook these.

5. Parsnips 67p

I just got 3 loose as I don't like them but they are great to roast and make the roast!

6. Sprouts £1

These are pre peeled so you just have to boil! I hate them but people that like them do exist so most people still make them!

7. Broccoli £1

I love broccoli when it's cooked properly and especially with Mint sauce, this was just a normal cheap broccoli. 

8. Carrots 45p

Honey roasted carrots are the best thing in the world and they taste so good. This is for 5 carrots.

9. Potatoes £2.25

The best bit of any roast! Roast Spuds, now I love Maris Pipers so I've chosen a bag of these to get because it is well known they are the best roasting potato! 

10. Cranberry sauce 50p

This goes really well with Turkey and I have never actually tried it so I think there might be a first this christmas!

11. Gravy £1.25

I've just chosen standard gravy granules but I normally add the juices of the meat after it's roasted to give the gravy a lot more flavour! 

12. Stuffing 40p

I could eat sage and onion stuffing until the cows come home! I love the stuff! This is just the basic tesco one but I could still eat it all day! 

13. Mince Pies £1

I don't like Mince Pies but I like making them, this is just a nice after dinner sweet thing to eat while sitting down watching a christmas movie!

14. Bucks Fizz £1.99

Lastly that bottle of Bucks Fizz just to make it seem slightly posh :P


Keep Smiling!

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Primark Haul oops #blogmasday14

Hey guys, 
Alex really wanted some loaded potato skins earlier and the nearest place that did them was Frankie & Bennys. The nearest restaurant was Ashford but there is also one in Broadstairs which is near Primark and I had been promising Katie that we would go just before christmas so I picked her up from the University Library and we made a quick little stop off at Primark before going to eat what seemed like a meal for kings! Anyways I thought I would show you guys what I naughtily brought! 

A bigger pair of the tights I already had because my bum got too big :P

This really cute blue woollen dress that is so warm!

This is how I would wear this :)

Some cream normal tights again to go with the dress.

iPhone useable gloves so I can keep my hands warm while I text

Another pair of the most super cosiest socks EVER!

This is a Christmas present for my dad :P

Santa slipper socks ready for christmas day!


A cute reindeer jumper to go under my christmas jumper on Christmas day.
So that's all the things I brought and I am so looking forward to Christmas now! :D

Keep Smiling!

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