TheMadOrange: July 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013


Puppies, Puppies, Puppies. I've always wanted one ever since I can remember. My parents have always said no to dogs and cats... I have guinea-pigs and rabbits coming out of my ears but that hasn't made me want a puppy any less! Now my boyfriend got Dexter when he was 15 and Dexter is now 4 and they have just mated him with a gorgeous dog called Ruby. 

She then had 7 gorgeous puppies! 4 boys and 3 girls and Alex's parents have decided to keep one of the puppies so we went along yesterday to see them, they are so gorgeous and I got to get lots of cuddles! 

And here he is, above the puppy with the Blue collar will be the puppy that Alex's family bring home in September! I can't wait! He is SO cute and his name is Grayson :D.

Keep smiling! 

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer nail polish :D

I don't know about anyone else but I can be very picky when it comes to nail varnishes especially ones to wear during summer. I've started buying a lot of coral and pastel coloured clothes recently for the summer so I wanted something that could work well with what I wear. 

I was recommended Barry M about a year ago by my best friend Cristin. Now since then I have used Barry M a lot and slowly my collection grew. When I went looking for colours Barry M's collection stood out. I loved the pastel colour and I bought 3 for the range and also a clear overcoat.

305 Pink Flamingo - Now even though this isn't a pastel colour it works really well with the coral clothes I own and I think it brightens up some of my paler clothes to add a spark of colour.

304 Mint Green - This is a gorgeous minty colour and goes with the majority of my clothes which is brilliant, I love how soft this colour is and how summery this makes me feel. I always think of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream when I wear it!

307 Lemon - I've been looking for a decent yellow nail varnish for a while now and when I came across this I knew it was perfect. It's not a bright yellow but it stands out just enough to make an impact and make your nails to delightfully sunny and happy. 

So there are some of my favourites for Summer 2013, any recommendations? 

Keep Smiling! :D

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Duxford Air Show - Flying Legends!

So last weekend as a treat my dad took Alex & I to Duxford's Flying Legends airshow. Now this is something I've been to before and thoroughly enjoyed so to be going back was brilliant!. My dad has always been into airplanes and model making since he was around 6 so he always loves going to these type of shows. 

I love going places with my dad because he's so full of useless knowledge it's like going with your own tour guide! We drove down to Duxford for about 10, went to look around the museums and stuff before getting lunch and finding a good spot to sit and watch the planes. 
The aerobatics that the planes did was awesome and even though it was ridiculously warm I had a brilliant day and we've all decide to go to the airshow in September when my favourite plane (the Eurofighter Typhoon) will be flying :D, that time though i'm going to hire a long lens for my Canon.

Here's some photos:

Looking down the end of a barrel in the musuem. 

This is a Junkers 52 which is what my dad travelled around in in the 80s

Alex looking as dashing as ever!

People dressed in 40s on the flight line so made the photo look older than it is!

Alex & my dad bonding while dad talks about the B17 Flying Fortress

Low flying... below 500ft!

B17 Sally B role playing in the sky.

Let's just fly away!

The Junkers up in the air!

My daddy :D

Spectating the flying.

Weird rings that the plane left :P
Thanks for reading! and don't forget to
Keep Smiling! :D 

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Best Investment this Summer!

So as you guys probably know the last 3 week have been a heatwave in England and we've been having temperatures of 30 degrees C pretty much every day, now I do love the sunshine and heat but when you come back from Greece after a week away and all you want is a bit of British rain then coming back to 3 weeks of this is getting a bit much. This isn't helped by the fact that I'm currently living in a wooden cabin at the bottom of my boyfriends garden. This is because there is no room at my house and although this cabin is bloody hot during the day it's big enough for us both to live in. 

A couple of weeks ago when this weather started I had the idea to buy a blow up pool because the heat was getting too much without being able to just get into some water to cool down. So I knew I wanted one of those no ridged side pools so I had a look on argos and ended up buying the 8ft Quick up pool for £24.99 I chose this one because it also came with a water slippy slide thing. This has been the best investment yet! There hasn't been a day when I haven't been in it.

The slide :D

I do love him :)

Me confused why alex is taking a picture.. not expecting it!

Me looking very weird haha!
I definitely recommend buying a pool in this weather as it's just so hot! Argos is a good place to look and it's fairly cheap!

Keep smiling! :D

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer - OOTD 16/07/2013

Today I went into Fareham shopping and came back with this lovely little number... Now I went in the River Island sale and found lots of stuff I wanted I just don't have the money so I chose this dress from New Look. I've been looking for new summer stuff because I'm off to France in 3 weeks & I want to look my best! I also brought 2 pairs of shoes that will be useful in france, both flats and both go with a lot of clothes I own. 

Both pairs of shoes are from new look and I can't wait to mix and match these with my other clothes that I know they will go with!

Keep Smiling!

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Marwell Zoological Park - Hampshire

As I've been spending a lot of time in Hampshire lately, I thought I would check out what it has to offer me... Now living only an hour away from ZSL Whipsnade can give me a biased opinion here but none the less I want to share what I thought. 

I went to Marwell with my boyfriend Alex and his brother William. Now Marwell is very well priced as it's not too expensive so it's a good cheap day out that's for sure! I know that ZSL Whipsnade's prices are around £21 for an adult and that's disincluding car park and guide book where I (being a student) paid a measly £14 online for my ticket to Marwell and didn't have to pay anything for the parking!

The zoo is obviously smaller than ZSL Whipsnade but it is a good zoo! We managed to walk around in about 3 hours and saw many different types of animals. I was disappointed to see that some exibits were closed due to old animals dying which is obviously unavoidable but they should have brought more animals in which they haven't done yet. 

The train wasn't running which to my boyfriend was a disapointment as he loves trains, I can't wait to take him to Whipsnade so he can experience the awesome train line they have there! I felt that Marwell's train line just followed the path so other than the fact it's faster I don't think there is much point in taking it. 

Over all I saw some amazing animals (the pygmy hippos were adorable, and the baby lemar!) and I had a really good day out with Alex and Will and hopefully have more fun days out like this soon! :D

Here are some pictures of our day, enjoy & keep smiling! 

Mr penguin ;)

My lovely boyfriend & his brother :)

I really want a Zebra.

Or one of these really cute little gazelles

still can't get over that I had one of these on my head a couple of weeks ago

Fossa - mean cause they eat lemar's but so CUTE

big lemar...

adorable little baby lemar!

cute little pygmy hippo!

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ilios Apartments 2 - Review

Hello Friends! 

So when I recently went to Malia I stayed in the Ilios Apartments 2! not to be confused with the Ilios Malia or Ilios Apartments 1, although they are all part of the same franchise! I wrote this review on TripAdvisor as well so if you want to go check that out then heres the link and scroll until you see my name :) : TripAdvisor - Ilios, Malia.

There are photos on my TripAdvisor so head over there if you want to check them out! but here is the review I wrote:

"Now before you read reviews on here you need to make sure that you are reading the ones about the right apartments. There are 3 Ilios' in Malia... Ilios MALIA, Ilios Apartments 1 and Apartments 2... they are all owned by the same company but they are in different locations. Ilios Malia is behind the Ice bar at the top of the strip, Ilios apartments 1 is behind the Help bar and apartments 2 is opposite down an alley way behind chicken hut. 
We spent a week in Ilios Apartments 2 after booking with Thomson in February. The flight was brilliant as we got upgraded to the new Dreamliner 787... When we got to the airport we were greeted by a Rep and she travelled with us to drop us off. We got dropped off at the Ilios Malia and were met by our hotel Rep Louise who was new to the rep job in Malia. We then had to walk down the strip to the Help bar where we were introduced to Chris and the other rep Hayley we then had our welcome meeting where the Reps offered us a group of events for E186.00 we did this and it works out around E31 each event which with the discounted bars can be useful but not 100% sure it's worth it. We did a Foam party, Party in the Park, UV party, Booze Cruise, Malia Live and Summer Fest. Foam Party was good and you didn't have to go in the foam if you didn't want to, it was also a cheap bar. Party in the Park was at a run down water park called Malia Slides, it was a good day out and we had a lot of fun in the pool, UV party wasn't as good as expected and turned into a mosh pit in the middle, the booze cruise was good although when they say private beach it's not! and then the malia live Tinchy Stryder turned up 2 hours late and the reps didn't tell you that you had to go to the club without them! Then summer fest was pretty good and we got 2 free t-shirts over the week. 
The apartments were actually better than expected, they were really big and also were cleaned every day other than Sunday which is understandable. The staff in the Help bar are really good, Chris is crazy but is always trying to get you drunk, Matt and Marc are good to chat to and the owner is hilarious!. 
All in all it was a brilliant holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Obviously the noise is over powering and if you're a light sleeper you might have a problem but I think at the end of the day you are going to MALIA! it's a clubbing resort and you should only go for that purpose."

    I must admit I'm glad to be back home with Alex so now I'm going to enjoy my summer with him and look forward to all the exciting things we have planned. 
Keep Smiling! :)

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Blog Lovin!

If you'd like and easier way to follow blogs then head over to Blog Lovin! Where you can follow all your favourite blogs in one place!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Malia 2k13 -

Last Tuesday I came back from holiday after spending a week with 3 other friends in Malia. I thought I would update you guys with some pictures of the week and what we did!

We arrived in Heraklion after a 3 and a half hour flight on the new Thomson 787 Dreamliner (which I have to say after travelling to Greece almost every year since I was 18 months old) was like luxury! We got more leg room and personal screen which was good to keep you entertained! 

We then spent half an hour bus ride over to Malia and got dropped off in Malia then walked to our apartments. We then had our welcome meeting and decided to do the Thomson package that has events every night out in Malia so then we had the night to go out and do what we like!

We spent most of our days by the pool and our nights out partying, It was good even though I was in a relationship and you normally go to Malia if you're single. I met some lovely people and managed to still have a brilliant week! I even managed to chip my front tooth on marble floor! 

Keep Smiling! 

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