TheMadOrange: June 2013

Monday, 24 June 2013

What to pack in your suitcase?!

Hello again! 
As I said in my previous post I've been getting ready to go on holiday and today (2 days before) I've finally packed my suitcase. Now this year I've been very far behind on my organizing for this holiday as I've been spending this last week with my boyfriend who I won't be seeing until I get back so today was the first time I was able to sort out and organize everything. I thought I would give you guys and idea about what kind of things I would be packing to take on my holiday tomorrow. (btw just realized I hadn't told you where I am going, I will be going to Malia for a week with 3 friends and we are staying at the Ilios studios 2. 

In my hand luggage I have my travel documents:
- Passport
- Travel money
- Tickers (E print ticket in my case)
- Travel Insurance documents
- EHIC Card
- Driving licence
- Student card
I then also have my make-up that I will want to put on before I leave. 
I then have my cameras, phone and iPad also sunglasses.

Hold Luggage
In the hold you can take more items for example liquids of 100ml and deodorant cans.
- 7 outfits as I am going for 7 days. 
- Sleepwear
- Shoes
- Chargers
- Adapters
- Toiletries
- Swimwear
- Sun cream 
- After sun
- Beach Towels
- Beach bag
- Plastic Bag
- Razor
- Tooth brush and paste
- Hairbrush
- Hair dryer
- Straighteners
- Insect repellent
- First aid kit

These I felt where the the necessities for a week in Greece although I always end up taking way to much. 

Keep Smiling! :D 

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Getting ready for your holiday!

Well this past week has been so busy, moving out, going back home, getting ready for holiday and it's all gone by so fast that I've even started forgetting what day of the week it is! I thought I would share how I prepare for my holiday and what I do to ready myself. 

1. The first thing I do before anything else is check that my passport is in date and that IU know where it is! Without this I wouldn't be going anywhere considering most of the holidays I go on are abroad. There are certain rules and regulations about how in date your passport is at time of travel so make sure you check yours is okay here: Passport Information

2. Secondly if I'm going to Europe I check that I have an EHIC card (used to be E11?) as this is need alongside my insurance that I will also be getting. 

3. Next is to get travel insurance, I tend to get this at the Post Office because it's reasonably priced and they cover everything that I could think I would need. I tend to get classic cover for a friend holiday but if I go with my parents or take a more expensive camera I pay a bit more for full cover to make sure that if I do break the camera it is covered. 

4. In the running few weeks to the holiday I make sure that I've got everything that I need and start washing and putting things aside ready for the holiday.

5. Most countries need either API information which is where you enter your passport information of travelers before you travel, with Thomson this is all done online. Some countries need VISAS to enter as well so make sure you have figured out what you need to go where. 

6. Make sure that I know how much luggage I am allowed for main hold and hand luggage. This is because most airlines vary and it can be annoying if you get to the airport and find out you need to pay extra for your luggage. I've pretty much always flown with either First Choice or Thomson so I know that for long haul you get 23kg pp and short is 15kg but you can upgrade.

7. I then checked how I was getting to the airport, luckily my dad offered to take us and my friends parents are picking us up but there are many ways. You could drive yourself and then you will need to sort out airport parking which can be really cheap if you book in advance. There are other options such as public transport (trains, buses, coaches). 

8. Sort out travel money, figure out how much you will need and what the exchange rate is. You can figure this out by googling and looking at the exchange rate online or going to your local post office. 

These are the things I do before I go away to prepare me for the holiday. 

Keep Smiling :)!!!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Moving out & going back home for the summer...

So finally after spending the last few days packing and getting everything sorted I moved out of Tyler Court on campus and back home for the summer... I'm already missing it! Unlimited bills/fast internet and lots of socialising. I had the best first year I could imagine and I can't believe that it's finally over... Here's my room after tidying it :(:


Us in the car completely pack full of stuff taking it all to Alex's! It was definitely and interesting journey! 

Anyways, thought I would give you all a little update! Hope everyone is ready to rock out summer like I am! So much to look forward to... and I will try and get my first YouTube video up by the end of the week... It's only going to be about making meatballs but I'm lacking inspiration atm! Once I get some sleep I'm sure I'll be fine :)... I'll accompany it with a blog post and might start doing some reviews on here! 

Keep Smiling! :D

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

UKC Summer Ball 1/06/2013

On the 1st June 2013 I went to the University of Kent's Summer Ball in Giles Lane Car Park. 

I had a brilliant time and it was great to celebrate the end of my first year with all of my friends. We had a long pre drinks and went a massive group. 

There were rides and food and obviously live acts. 

We had Chase & Status (although because it was a DJ act only Status turned up) and Labrinth. 

Labrinth turned out to be very entertaining and made the headlines... 
I had a brilliant time and I think everyone should go to their summer ball/party because even if you don't like the acts it's all about celebrating with your friends and having a brilliant time. 

Keep Smiling! :D 

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Thorpe Park - 7/6/2013

Well yesterday I went to Thorpe Park with Alex & some friends which was really good. I had already been this year but I hadn't been on all the rides so I wanted to go back and make sure I went on all of them. 

Even though it was fairly busy there were only like 3 rides we didn't go on. I'd have to say my favourite ride is either Swarm or Saw - The Ride. 
This is Alex and I on the Swarm ride which is awesome and he's put a video on his YouTube channel of us on the Roller Coaster.

I am really proud of Alex though because he finally went on Stealth which he was really scared of because of the height! 
Thorpe Park is a definitely a recommend as even though I have been twice in 3 months it was certainly worth it! 

If you go before September you get a 2 4 1 deals on entry tickets which means more of you can go! 

Keep Smiling!! :D 

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nandos & Cocktails...

Today after my friend Kate's last exam we went to Nando's for a celebratory meal, now all my friends know this about me but you guys don't yet. 
I am a complete Nando's addict. I can not get enough of the stuff! 
So this was a good day for me... We then went for cocktails at Taccos Loccos which is a mexican restaurant next door. 
We sat outside in the sun smoking Sisha and drinking cocktails. 

Keep smiling! :D

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My first year @ UKC in Instagram pictures...

So this is my first year of university at UKC in Instagram pictures and some information on what everyone will see/go through at university...

You will be nervous when going
You will get weird free stuff
There will be drunken nights in
University can definitely get eventful!
There will be picture of people sleeping!
Guys will dress as girls...
You will make friends for life!
You will have the piss taken out of you!
You have to go all out for Halloween!
You will play board games drinking or not!
You will miss nice food!
You will procrastinate!
You will find disgusting things the morning after!
There will be a lot of funny faces!
There will be fancy dress!
Your toy will get stolen!
There will be long train journeys!
There will ALWAYS be NANDOS!!!
There will be awesome Skype conversations! 
You will have to buy books! & Lots of them!
There will be pub crawls!
There will be wine!
& Always McDonalds!
There will be days out!
A lot of coffee!
You'll meet friends from all over the world!
& you'll meet people you'll never forget!
Overall, it's a great experience...
One that I will never forget...
and friends & memories that will stay with me forever <3

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