Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OOTD #Interview | themadorange

Hey guys, so I've been going to interviews a lot lately so I thought I would share with you an outfit that I like to wear to an interview.

The outfit is all from next and what I thought was reasonably priced! The skirt was £25 and the top was £26 which for something that makes you look smart I don't think is too bad! In an interview you want to look your best and make a good first impression but also make yourself memorable. That is what I like about this outfit. 

Keep Smiling! 

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

My week in pictures (17th-23rd March 2014) | themadorange

Hey guys!

So I haven't blogged for a while but that's because I had a lot of deadlines (and still do) to concentrate on but I've given myself a few spare minutes to have a little blogging session allowing me to get ahead in my blogging and schedule a few to come out this week!

1. Go Pro as an early birthday present from parents! | 2. Mum and I looking around IKEA | 3. #nomakeupselfie | 4. Picture with my bestie on my birthday | 5. Amazing cider that I Love <3 | 6. Lots of alcohol for my party.. | 7. Bath bomb at the weekend at home ! | 8. Birthday cake my parents had sent to me | 9. OOTD at my party | 10. Gift cards from Alex's Parents | 11. Party Antics | 12. Selfie before Interview on Wednesday

Thanks guys! Hope you have a good week! 
Keep Smiling!

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Photographs? Digital or the real shazam? | themadorange

Hey guys,

If you didn't know already since I was around 14 I have been a photographer as a hobby in my spare time, it's definitely a passion of mine and I love capturing moments that mean the most to me and therefore being able to look back on them over the years to come. Obviously with technology these days it's incredibly easy to do this with most phones having really good cameras in now, it's gone a lot more digital and therefore we are looking at them all on our computers or phones. What i've also love is vintage photography, I have a number of different cameras in my collection at home but I love taking photographs on them and having them printed or developing them myself. I try to always get photos that I have taken printed and either stuck up on my wall or hung up in a frame so that I have a constant reminder of all my favourite memories. I currently have this 3 heart shaped frame hanging up with 3 pictures of Alex and I in that I printed out:

I can't remember where this was from but it wasn't expensive and I think it was lovely to add a bit of character to my 2nd year university room. Being at university and having a lot of work to do I've kind of drifted from my photography but I'm hoping that when I move into my new place in June that I will have inspiration and be able to take some amazing photographs like I used to. 

I found these frames on next and I wanted to share these with you guys because they are gorgeous! I can't wait to scoop some of these up when I move out to put lots of pictures with lots of memories in! Especially from the first 2 years of my university life as they are definitely moments worth capturing.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to see some of the types of photographs I used to take head over to any of these links:

Do you enjoy documenting your memories to look back on later in life?

Keep Smiling! 

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My birthday wishlist!!! | themadorange

Hey guys, 

As it's my birthday coming up I thought I would do a little post about what I would like for my birthday. Only 12 days away this was actually really hard because there isn't a lot that I actually want other than vouchers? So I came up with 6 items that I would like/need.

My birthday wishlist!!!

So the six items are: 
- Go Pro Camera | The reason behind this is because I'm going to Greece in July with my family and although I have an underwater camera already my dad is building some remote control boats and I think it'll be awesome to film from the boats and also I just think it'll be a fun and useful thing to have. 

- Polaroid | I've wanted any type of polaroid for a while so I am really excited about this I really want one just to capture some awesome memories with friends and family. 

- MAC Powder | I've recently run out of this so I feel that I need to repurchase and get some more as it's the best powder I've used in a while. 

- MAC Eye shadows | I got a MAC Palette for christmas and I have 1 colour but I would like to fill it up and get some more, I'm not sure what colours but I really like nocturnelle. 

- Honeydew Plushie | I've been a fan of Yogscast for a while and Simon is my favourite so I want this awesome little Honeydew plushie! 

- Chelsea Boots | I have wanted a pair of nice chelsea boots for a while as I'm wearing my hunters everyday so I think some ankle boots would be a lot better. 

Thanks for reading! 
Keep Smiling

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Monday, 10 March 2014

My week in pictures (3rd-9th March 2014) | themadorange

Hey guys so here is my week in pictures :) 

1. Reminising about old times back home | 2. Beautiful sunny day out in broadstairs | 3. Lois' 20th Birthday at Tacco Loccos | 4. Cocktails for Lois' | 5. Amazing Waffle :D | 6. Alex and I | 7. Pretty make-up ready for my video | 8. Salad I made for lunch, nom. | 9. Me at Lois' with new jumper and Necklace. | 10. Toasted ham and mustard sandwich | 11. Alex being weird | 12. Kate and Me being weird | 13. Alex at Tacco Loccos

Keep smiling! :D 

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

OOTD - Friday | themadorange

Hey guys! 

Thought I would share with you a quick outfit of the day from when I filmed my latest video on Friday, the items I am wearing are mostly in my haul so go check that out here:

What I am wearing:

- Dress (Primark £10)
- Jumper (Primark £10)
- Leggings (Primark £6)
- Boots (Hunters £125)
- Necklace (Primark £4)
- Glasses (D&G/Vision Express £259)


- Foundation (MAC Foundation Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC15)
- Lipstick (Topshop Lipstick in shade 'Wicked')
- Powder (Powder mineralize skinfinish natural in medium)
- Eyeshadow (Mac Satin Taupe)
- Eyeliner (YSL Eyeliner dessin du regard eye pencil waterproof)
- Mascara (Mascara False lashes extreme black)

There you go :) and heres some random funny photos of Alex and I!

Keep Smiling! 

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Oopsie Primark, Boots, Topshop Haul | themadorange

Hey guys,

So yesterday I went out on Tuesday to buy my friends birthday present with my housemate and it accidently turned into a little splurging session. After feeling a bit down the last couple of weeks this lifted me up and I had a really good day with Kate especially as it was a beautiful day! I bought a few essentials and then we went to Primark and Topshop here are the things I brought:

Primark Dress

Primark Jumper

Pattern on Jumper

Mint Jumper

Primark skirt





Matte Nails Topshop


I also did a video of my haul here:

Keep Smiling!

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Monday, 3 March 2014

Walking the puppies | themadorange

Hey guys, 
Following on from my previous post here are a few photos from when we took the puppies for a walk! I can't believe how much Grayson has grown and how he's nearly as big as Dexter. It was a very long and tiring walk but was very fun and Ian complete his goal in getting my Hunter boots muddy! He did however wash them afterwards for me :P. I used to love walking through the woods as a kid and this reminded me of all the times I used to build dens and bike around my local wood. 

trying to ignore the dogs in the back whining about wanting to get out

Alex falling asleep 

Selfie with the boys

didn't quite get it

Grayson so big!

The boys

Really wanted to push him in there :P



Amanda and Ian


Keep smiling! :)

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Fisherman's Rest Titchfield Review | themadorange

Ian (Alex's Dad photo bombing) 
Tapas Starter

More tapas

Alex and his steak

My curry! :D
Alex & I :) <3

Alex with his brother William and father Ian

Alex and his mummy Amanda :)

Fisherman's Rest was very good although this could be down to the company and wine. We ordered all of the tapas starters and I had everything but the white bait, as I don't like fish. Everything was very tasty and I was very impressed especially with the chicken wings and duck rolls. 

For Main I have the Chicken Tikka masala in which I expected a bit more salsa than given and they should maybe add a riata to compliment the dish as the curry itself was fairly spicy. The rice however was amazing, the poppadom a bit too oily... 

The lemon sorbet was amazing and very refreshing and the cheese board was good although I think they should offer a choice of cheese as I don't like blue cheese so It was a waste. The wine was very good and there was a good choice. We were seated promptly after reserving and weren't hurried to leave. 

Over all brilliant night. It was good to go home and see Alex's family and especially see the puppies! I can't believe how much little Grayson has grown especially in such a short amount of time! My next post will be about Ian making sure I got my Hunters muddy by going on a dog walk! 

Are there any pubs in the Fareham area that you would recommend

Keep Smiling!

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mini ASOS Haul | themadorange

Hey guys, Sorry about the delay in posting, had some family stuff to go to...
I thought I would post a little haul that I got from ASOS about a week ago. I needed to buy something to wear at a funeral and I also wanted to treat myself. 

Vero Moda Lightweight Parka - Navy / M £38 
ASOS Jumpsuit with Chic Racer Detail in Monochrome - Multi / UK 12 £50

Club L Jersey Skater Dress with Cap sleeve - Grey / UK 12

Dress on :)

New Look Richie Heeled Pointed Court Shoes - Black / UK 5
I am really impressed with all the items the skater dress is super comfy for day time and the playsuit is perfect and fits beautiful. :) 

Keep Smiling 

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